Strategy, Development, Support, Consulting, Training and Managed Hosting Services

Exaltation of Larks offers a full portfolio of services, from Strategy, Development and Long Term Support to Consulting, Training and Managed Hosting Services.

Development Services

End-to-end Website Development
We work with a wide range of clients, from startups to corporate clients to non-profits. Our team knows every aspect of end-to-end website development, from strategic planning, design and development to management and maintenance. Learn more

Mobile Websites & Mobile Apps
In today’s business world you can’t have a website without it being available to all devices. From mobile versions of your website to mobile apps, our team can build it for you. Contact us about your mobile needs and we’ll follow up with you.

Managed Hosting

We have years of combined experience with the intricacies of web hosting and infrastructure consulting.

Our services include managing and hosting small- and mid-scale websites as well as designing and implementing high performance, high scalability and high availability configurations for large-scale websites.

You host it. We manage it.

We helpfully and carefully manage customers’ hosting resources at popular hosting providers, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Rackspace and SoftLayer. We do it all, from monitoring and alerts to implementing auto-scalable, multi-tier infrastructure.

Or, we host and manage it for you.

We’re leaders in offering Long Term Support and can extend the life of older Drupal and WordPress websites by adding a number of security enhancements and hosting your website on our security-hardened platform. Contact us about your hosting needs and we’ll follow up with you.

Consulting and Support Services

Ongoing Maintenance & Support
Whether it’s a website we’ve built for your company or organization or an existing website that needs fixes, updating and new features, our ongoing maintenance and support services have got you covered. Learn more

Best Practices & Maintainability
Have you recently acquired or taken delivery of a complex website? Is your website ready to launch? We’ll review your website and help you make it stable and maintainable. As part of a site readiness audit, we’ll review your website’s code and hosting environment and provide a report with recommendations for improvement.

Site Documentation & Orientation
In times when your previous vendors aren’t available, we’ll work with you to document your website’s existing features based on your organization’s workflow, orient you on how to use and manage them, and develop a solid project plan for future development. Learn more

Content & SEO Strategy
Our content & marketing strategists will give your website’s content and SEO a passing grade by reviewing your site for common issues, such as broken links, duplicate content and spelling mistakes. Our automated tools can optionally provide long-term value to your organization by making this an automatic and repeatable process. Learn more

High Performance & Scalability
We make fast websites, and we make fast websites even faster. Our engineers are experts on Drupal and WordPress performance and know the entire LAMP stack, including caching, database optimization, load balancing and networked storage. Learn more

Monitoring & Alerts
Our monitoring services proactively detect problems at the datacenter before they become obvious. We combine Cacti and Nagios to create a best-of-breed system that includes Cacti’s historical performance graphing and Nagios’ emergency alert system. Learn more

Security Review & Analysis
Through manual review of your website, we’ll find vulnerabilities in your website and provide a site security audit with our recommendations and code advice. Learn more


Come train with us!
We provide a complete curriculum of Drupal and WordPress classes at our training centers in Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco and Boston. From Drupal fundamentals to back-end development and everything in between, our classes can help your team make the right decisions now that will save you time and money down the road. Learn more

On-site, Private Training
Are you interested in our trainings but aren’t able to make it to one of our public classes? Sometimes it’s easier and more cost-effective for us to come to you. We’ll even work with you and your team to tailor our curriculum to better fit your organization. Contact us to request training in your area and we’ll follow up with you.