The Team at Exaltation of Larks

Our diverse, creative and technical team can’t relax unless they’re out of their comfort zone, pushing the boundaries of design and technology. In short, we like doing hard things on the web and excel at creating and maintaining exceptional Drupal sites with unexceptional budgets.

   ex•al•ta•tion (noun) sometimes spelled exultation:
   1. a flock of songbirds, especially when in flight overhead
   2. the action of highly praising or honoring someone or something
   3. a sublime state of happiness; the quintessence of perfection

The name, “exaltation of larks” (sometimes spelled “exultation of larks”), comes from an old Victorian parlor game that invented many of the collective names we use today, such as “a school of fish” and “a pride of lions.”

Birds are highly social and we chose our name because of the social nature of the work we do.