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What's What

What's What

Link: http://www.whatswhat.me

What’s What is a kids social network for teens and tweens with messaging, groups and image galleries. Exaltation of Larks developed the Drupal theme based on the client’s design and built all the functionality for the site, including a content alert system designed to minimize cyberbullying. We also built a facial recognition login system with an administration dashboard that ensures that only account owners can log into their accounts and that the site stays teens- and tweens-only. No adults allowed!

See our blog post for a video presentation on the work we did for What’s What.

Exaltation of Larks celebrates its first 5 years

A few days ago, Exaltation of Larks celebrated its 5th anniversary. It’s been an exciting five years, and it doesn’t go without saying that we wouldn’t have gotten this far without the outstanding clients, colleagues and talented developers, designers and themers we’ve had the pleasure of working with.

In the United States, we recently observed the Thanksgiving holiday, and our 5th anniversary is a perfect time to take a moment and express our gratitude to everyone who helped us get to where we are today.

From small opportunities to great enterprises

Our first Drupal client was the Center for Bits and Atoms (CBA) at the MIT Media Lab. The CBA is best known for Neil Gershenfeld’s FabLab program, which freely shares its open source recipe for workshops built around rapid prototyping tools like laser cutters and 3D milling machines.

The site we built helped unite MIT’s numerous FabLabs around the world and included online courseware, a busy discussion forum, project photo galleries and a downloads section for the open source hardware drivers related tools. It was also the Media Lab’s first Drupal site.

We enjoyed working with the CBA and were inspired by its vibrant culture of experimentation, high technology, modular design and open source software. We value those principles more than ever today.

Doing things that haven’t been done before

We like technical challenges and one project that we’re particularly fond of was successfully integrating a third-party facial recognition library with Drupal. Multifactor authentication systems aren’t new, but we were the first to build a biometric/facial recognition login system for Drupal.

We demonstrated this technology at a Boston Drupal meetup and a video of that presentation is included below. It is also available on blip.tv in several video formats.

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